• Dedicated

    A company is only as good as the work it performs. Great Lakes Facility Management LLC is dedicated to meeting all the expectations of our clients, so that our reputation shines as much as the areas we clean.

  • Experienced

    Anyone can clean but not just anyone can clean to meet the rigorous standards of a professional cleaning service. Our experience gives us the ability to clean and sanitize efficiently every time.

  • Professional

    Being a professional janitorial service is more than just cleaning well. It necessitates a professional image and excellent customer service. When the people of Flint call on us they get the professional janitorial service they are looking for.

Janitorial and Facility Maintenance Services Of The Highest Standards

Great Lakes Facility Management feature a variety of services that can be customized and tailor-fit to serve your very specific needs. Each em-ployee on our team has been expertly trained, and this training includes both theoretical and hands-on instruction. Since we want all of the members of our staff to be able to serve you the best way they can, not only are they given the proper training needed for such a task, but they are also given the best possible cleaning equipment for cleaning your facility. Utilizing only top-of-the-line cleaning tools and methods, our team will help ensure that your office and business looks and functions as best as it can