Our Team

Fletcher Rheaves, President/CEO

Fletcher Rheaves is the founder of Great Lakes Facility Management LLC an currently serves as President/CEO. Fletcher continues to expand the business each year in various markets including Airports, Municipals Buildings, Universities, Retail, and much more. Prior to Great Lakes, Fletcher worked as Director of Environmental Services for Aramark . Fletcher has over 20 years of Environmental Management experience.

Baru Belin, Executive Vice President

Baru Belin joined Great Lakes Facility Management in 2015 as the Executive Vice President. Baru assumed the position as Vice President where he oversee Business Development and Operations. Baru has over 17 years of janitorial industry expe-rience. Prior to Great Lakes, Baru served as Vice President of Operations for Diverse Facility Solutions where he overseen the janitorial/ building maintenance for 8 International airports thru out the country.

Justin Johnson, Operations Manager

Justin Johnson joined Great Lakes in 2009 and built a company wide quality assurance program with customized plans for each customer. In 2010 Justin was promoted to Operations Manager where he oversees the nightly cleaning operations for the Michigan accounts.

Neil Taylor, Operations Manager

Neil joined Great Lakes in 2015 and is responsible for overseeing all of the company’s Michigan operations. He has 20 years of cleaning industry experience and over 15 years managing large and complex operations. Neil has managed sever-al large airports overseeing training and implementing company transition processes

Laurel Perkins, Human Resource Manager

Laurel Perkins oversee our hiring, training, “Employer of Choice” programs, safety and benefits. She also oversees the im-plementation of our ethics program and reviews all policies and procedures to make sure they foster ethical behavior in all Great Lakes team members.